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QuickTrac's mission is to create and market easy-to-use management tools designed to help small to medium sized businesses monitor, diagnose and improve business.


The product name is QuickTrac. This tool was developed for and by a successful automotive repair and service shop. It is field-proven and in daily use at many shops. As a browser-based hosted application, QuickTrac eliminates software installation and upgrades at customer sites. It is accessible anywhere one can use the internet.

QuickTrac is sold as an annual subscription service. It is sold directly and through channel partners, including industry training and coaching companies. They leverage the information to better understand their client's business and drive changes that achieve maximum results.

QuickTrac allows business owners and managers to view at a glance how their business is currently performing, as well as predict and manage future results. Team members know exactly where they stand in relation to their goals, as well as where the team is headed. QuickTrac tracks production and efficiency, sales ratios, dispatching, warranty issues, and the effectiveness of advertising expenditures in real-time. Information is displayed on a top level dashboard as well as in detailed intuitive graphical reports.

Accurate and current information assists users and their coaches in making important management decisions in a timely fashion to implement corrective actions while there is still time to positively effect the bottom line.

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